Lightning 2

XS 23 / S 25 / M 27

Safety that takes you further

A wing that puts the fun moment in the foreground. The LIGHTNING 2 is a high-performance middle-B highlight with the highest relaxation factor. If you look at its performance data, you can hardly believe the tame reactions in extreme flight behaviour. A cross-country wing with which you can safely push your limits. The LIGHTNING2 is hungry for distant destinations and pulls relentlessly towards the base even in weak thermal conditions. This lightweight travelling companion is hardly affected by turbulent air masses.

Despite the very low canopy weight, the LIGHTNING2 is stable in the air and light to carry. The compact wing responds precisely to control inputs and can be turned into thermals with razor-sharp precision. The performance-orientated light wing is aimed at all pilots who want to go on a light flight with light luggage. Whether leaving the house bar, travelling to remote destinations or on alpine adventures, the LIGHTNING2 offers maximum safety reserves thanks to its damped reactions in addition to its outstanding climbing characteristics. Finally, the good feeling on long journeys ensures lasting comfort.

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