19. October 2016

The acro wing with the unbeatable handling

the success story BLACKOUT is now available with a huge PLUS. The acro wing with the unbeatable handling now comes with an upgrade.

In close coordination with the acro team pilots the treasured acro original was taken to the next level. The aspirations of the upgrade were based on the premise of simplification. A solid internal pressure brings more power for the connections – fluttering stabilos are a thing of the past thanks to modified wing tips, even in anti-rhythm. the braking geometry was revised so Helico and Twister are easier to fly.

Much value was placed upon easy handling, especially to grant a fast sense of achievement to acro beginners when learning the basic maneuvers. Another thing that makes it easier for beginners is that the dynamic wing is mistake-forgiving, if the timing is a little off. The turning in the connection of all negative maneuvers is very homogeneous with the BLACKOUT PLUS, which reduces the tendency for twists and offers additional safety.

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