26. July 2016

We made the decision easy for you …

A, B or C? No matter which LTF-class you prefer, we have a light answer for you.

The wings of the Light Line convince through intelligent light design with durable consistency and minimal weight and pack size. The zeitgeist demands a high flexibility and independence, a trend which carries the origin of paragliding into the future. U-Turn thereby redefines mobility and creates a statement of simplification. The extensive experience potential derived from of the Hike&Fly legend Everest is transferred into every wing.

LTF/EN A The ETERNITY is an everyday light wing and offers an enormous safety cushion with a sportive handling. That turns it into the perfect all-round talent for every adventure. For everyone who likes to take off with little luggage.

LTF/EN B The ANNAPURNA is an ultra-light low-end B glider. It is hungry for XC adventures as well as for Hike&Fly adventures without compromises and for extensive travels to remote take-off sites.

LTF/EN C The EVEREST+ is built for pure hunger for experience outside of any and all conventions. The wing offers maximum performance with minimum weight. The wing is aimed at all experienced pilots who want to redefine freedom.