09. October 2015

Spot landing for U-Turn!

Double success at this year’s Paragliding Accuracy World Cup-Event in the Rhön Mountains.

The Wasserkuppe was the venue of the forth competition station of the PGAWC tour, which overall takes place in six countries (Philippines, Malaysia, Serbia, Germany, China, Bulgaria). Present were the 60 world’s best accuracy pilots from 12 nations who competed against one another in a suspenseful competition. At the same time with the World Cup Event, the German championships in PGAWC were held.

The current German champion in precision landing, Andreas Schubert, could successfully defend his title in 6 rounds. There were challenging conditions so the decision wasn’t made until the last round. Schubert secures his title with 43 points ahead of the second-placed Armin Harich. Schubert trusts in the balanced overall concept of the U-Turn Evolution and the innovative PBV technology, the valves are providing additional aeration in extreme angles of attack, and supply the wing with air even in bad inflow situations and thereby broaden the spectrum of the approach angle.

Another outstanding performance was made by Dragan Popov. The Serbian pilot landed on the outstanding third place in the single judging and also brings the U-Turn Tem to the third podium finish. Dragan flies the lowend B glider Infinity 4 and appreciates the precise handling in combination with the strong glide performance. The experienced PGAWC pilot trusts in the high tolerance also in the low speed area.

We congratulate not just all U-Turn pilots to the great performance,
but also congratulate the flying school Papillon, which celebrated its 40th anniversary.