01. March 2019

U-Turn reinforces its sales team with concentrated practical knowledge

The successful tandem operator Bernd Vogel supports the U-Turn Sales Team as of now.

Bernd operates – after countless carrier moves – the tandem-undertaking “Tandemflug-Vogel” at Breitenberg. A long-lasting internal selection process in his seven-member team, confirmed the outstanding features of the U-Turn PASSENGER2 and the complete glider fleet was equipped with it. The round wing-concept was able to come out on top of eight products from other brands. Bernd was quickly impressed with the high product quality in the uncompromising everyday practice. So it is kind of obvious that he switched from U-Turn customer to excited brand ambassador. Bernd is tandem pilot since 1996 and knows what he’s talking about with around 5000 tandem flights he has carried out himself. But also as solo pilot he became a talking point as high flyer – in the August of 2005 he accomplished something only few pilots did by finishing a 130 kilometer long flight over the alps in five and a half hours. And on the side Vogel also has a flight instructor license.

Bernd is working from experience and knows where the shoe pinches the flying schools. Even though Bernd has long years of experience in the flying sport, his excitement for the simplest way of flying hasn’t faded one bit. Bernd Vogel likes to keep in the background and has both feet on the ground if he’s not flying.

Through his presence at Breitenberg he keeps close with the pilots and he disposes over a vast experiential knowledge and a detailed overview of the market. The opportunity to use this concentrated practical knowledge in the sales team wasn’t one that Thomas Vosseler – U-Turn CEO and head of sales – didn’t want to miss. “Bernd knows the concerns and needs of a flying school undertaking.” says Vosseler. Accordingly high is the joy about his addition to the U-Turn Team. Bernd underlines the innovation-power of the rising company from the black forest and also brings the local bonus. The U-Turn sales concept has always been custom-designed to fit the flying schools but now with the know-how of Bernd the whole dialogue is intensified and the personal contact is being cultivated again.

U-Turn wished Bernd a good start in his new function.
He is looking forward to suggestions and queries at: bernd@u-turn.de
or by phone at +49 (0) 162 13 34 301