10. October 2018

U-Turn cleans out the acro-glider stock

The acro wings of team pilots are being sold off as of now for uncompromising generous conditions.

We offer various team- demo gliders, samples and jewels of the past for sale. We want to slim down or demo stock and fill with the newest product series, therefore the rare special offer.

According to the respective condition of the glider, the prices are between 500 and 1.700 Euro. The range goes from heavily used to new. Many gliders are marked with an advertisement sticker or other advertising tags. The gliders are in checked condition, but have corresponding traces of usage. Here you find the list of all available gliders with the respective condition. Don’t hesitate, once the glider it’s gone it’s gone.

As world market leader in the area of Acro gliders we dispose over the biggest and probably most well-engineered product range on the market. Besides the two Acro-gliders Blackout+ and Joker and the legendary two-seater Twinforce RE4 U-Turn will also be introducing the own acro harness Blackjack for the new season. Following our motto Safe Fun we pursue the maximum safety for the highest fun factor since the beginning with all our products.

Benefit from the rare opportunity to buy a U-Turn Acro wing on the cheap. Here you find the list of all available gliders as PDF