05. June 2018

Der Crossrock small, rockt nun 97 kg.

The travel-wing suitable for everyday in light-weight design is now adding 7kg to the start weight and is thereby newly certified up to 97kgs in size small.

The test flights confirm the high tolerance of the mid-B-class concept with outstanding sweet-tempered characteristics and high performance. That way the weight range was able to be expanded without compromising the features of the glider. The size small newly covers the start weight from 65-97 kgs. Thereby the CROSSROCK offers even higher flexibility when choosing the right size and overlaps with the size M for a total of 17kgs.

The CROSSROCK is aimed at pilots who want to rock kilometers with light luggage and constantly want to carry the comfort of the good feeling with them. Even in demanding conditions the wing offers high safety with dampened reactions. Besides the elaborate development the high-tech wing also stands for pure innovation with the used materials. The used materials Skytex 32 and Skytex 27 have double coating and are superior to heavy materials because of the little weight. Additionally the line-setup is based on the newest PPSLS-lines by Liros and thereby ensures an incomparable pack-performance ratio with enormous long-term durability.

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