Ultimate Pilot Jacket / Hoodie

XS / S / M / L / XL / XXL

With the new ULTIATE PILOT JACKET and ULTIMATE PILOT HOODIE U-Turn offers a highly functional heat insulation layer with outstanding wearing comfort. The stylish jackets are convincing through a sporty pattern and are enabling to cut a fine figure even after the flight.

The functional jackets are efficiently transporting moisture to the surface and therefore optimize the heat balance on the inside of the jacket. The reason for that is the high quality original fabric Tecnostretch from the innovative textile manufacturer Pontetorto, made in Italy. Leading premium brands in the outdoor area are trusting in the matchless quality of Tecnostrech. It combines quick drying features with especially high elasticity for optimized mobility. Through an elaborate knitting technology the resistant outer layer displays a higher thread density, while the material is soft and smooth on the inside. Additionally it offers very good insulation features therefore the jackets are very light and can be reduced to a minimal pack size. The material keeps its features even after multiple washings and provides, together with the top-notch quality of the processing, an extraordinary
longevity of the jackets.

The high functionality and the little pack size are providing a versatile area of application, also outside of paragliding activities. Discreetly embroidered logos on the chest and shoulder area as well as selectively applied branding elements, among others as a zipper puller, are providing the fashionable U-Turn look. The jackets area available in the sizes XS - XXL in two versions, as ULTIMATE PILOT JACKET and as ULTIMATE PILOT HOODIE, both versions have convenient zipper-pockets at the side available.

Safe your Style!