Acro Team

Anne Zabel

Hello, my name is Anne Zabel
I am born 27.4 in Berlin, Germany
I'm flying since 2012
My favorite paraglider is Blackout, because it is super precise and agile. It reacts exact and always wants to connect.

"Dream as if you live forever,
live as if you die today"

James Dean

I started flying 4 years ago and i was absolutely infectet by the virus of paragliding. I had my first acrotandem with a very good friend and after that i wanted to do the same.

I immediately started to train by myself.I wanted to learn all these beautiful tricks. Sadly i trained too motivated...and a big accident followed. That really changed my life.I learned to have respect for weather and to train acrobatic tricks with the maximum of motivation but the minimum of risk. 
Since one year im back! I safely learned how to fly infinity-tumbling and i will continue ...