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Eternity 4

XXS 20,3 / XS 22,1 / S 24 / SM 26,2 / M 28,5 / L 31 / XL 34

safety packed light

The ETERNITY 4 stands for endless pleasure, built for your safe progress. Once again it was about everything – about the reinterpretation of a classic. The performance data will inspire your mind, but the flight characteristics will inspire your heartbeat. The glider concept provides maximum safety with an optimized power-to-weight ratio and a small pack size. It is a wing for growth in flight, for self-development and satisfies any form of hunger for adventure.

The ETERNITY 4 is a high-performance A-class glider that makes another statement for the future. The good-natured reactions in extreme flight maneuvers have remained. The concept has already inspired thousands of pilots across the world in the past. Its already sporty handling has been further improved and offers smoother running at the same time. The concept is trimmed for performance, so the wing also bites into weak thermals and pulls intuitively to the center. When turning, the ETERNITY 4 implements control impulses precisely and converts thermals into altitude very well. Profile modifications have increased the wing speed and improved the gliding properties.

Build for flying growth, the modern high-tech wing has everything a pilot’s heart could expect from the latest generation A-Class. A perfect all-rounder and companion for every flight and every flight adventure. The latest technical achievements in the highest processing quality ensure high-value retention. Wafer-thin titanium alloys from the competition area are used to keep the entry opening tensioned on the ground and give the light canopy the best launch characteristics. It rises reliably and without tendencies to overshoot to the zenith. Which also comes into play very clearly when it comes to ground handling.

The ETERNITY offers safety with optimized performance weight. It is not only aimed at beginners, who want to start with small pack size and little weight, but the modern wing also guarantees sustainable fun for ambitioned pilots. The size XL additionally has the tandem certification and therefore offers a light alternative for the double flight fun with matchless direct handling.

With seven different sizes, the ETERNITY 4 covers an extremely large weight range from 50 to 160 kgs. Available in four color combinations.XXS 20.3 / XS 22.1 / S 24 / SM 26.2 / M 28.5 / L 31 / XL 34 (TANDEM)

The ETERNITY 4 is built for growth in flight. A high-performance A-Class wing with the highest level of passive safety lightly packed.

Chief designer Ernst Strobl is developing the latest ETERNITY generation on the basis of the A-Class reference EMOTION 4. Radically redesigned, U-Turn incorporates all knowledge from extreme acrobatics into the wing concepts. An indicated sharknose helps the high-end A-wing to smoothly bite into thermals. Ultra-thin Nitinol reinforcements on the leading edge keep the profile shape under tension even on the ground. The super-elastic nickel-titanium alloy allows for strong deformations and quickly returns to its original shape thanks to memory effect. In addition, the 3D shaping (3DS) ensures optimized profile tension in the nose area. Miniribs on the trailing edge and the brake gathering system (BGS) ensure the sporty handling characteristics. The High Pressure Crossport Design (HPCD) optimizes the cross-ventilation of the crossports and creates a balanced internal pressure of the good-natured wing. The line setup has been modified to improve performance and has been shortened by 20% compared to the previous model. Color differentiated coated PPSLS lines of the latest generation are used. Even with the riser set, everything was designed for a clear and elegant look. An elegant decorative line marks the rear risers for a better overview of the attachment and continues the Color Code Connection (CCC). The Pilot Assistant (PAS) pictograms provide orientation. The newly developed U-Turn neoprene comfort handles with Fitlock holder can be infinitely adjusted in size. By removing the flexible reinforcement, they can be converted into pure soft handles.

An everyday wing with an optimized power-to-weight ratio – in all efforts to save weight, great attention was paid to durability. The wing deliberately dispensed with the weight savings through soft links in favor of simplified handling. The light Skytex27 materials are used here in combination with Dokdo20. The ETERNITY 4 is the perfect beginner’s wing that promises a safe fun factor long after school. The wing is aimed at all pilots who are looking for a high-end A-Class glider of the latest generation. Maximum passive safety combined with a lot of performance.

Let yourself get inspired by the safe lightness!

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