The BLACKLIGHT 2 is based on a new ground plan and paired with an elaborately calculated wing profile, which provides much power with high stall tolerance. Chief designer Ernst Strobl equipped the BLACKLIGHT 2 with a sharknose, that provides higher stability during higher speeds. The 3D shaping gives the wing a wrinkle-free tension and increases, in combination with the Precision Profile Nose (PPN), the form fidelity in the nose area. Complex calculations of the ballooning in conjunction with the optimized pre-tensioning of the wing provide the perfect flow around the profile. The High Pressure Crossport Design (HPCD) idealizes the lateral aeration
of the crossports and provides the wing with a balanced internal pressure. The line setup is very straightforward with three main lines.

Low canopy weight with high durability - the intelligent material mix and high-quality processing of the BLACKLIGHT 2 promise that. The power wing is exclusively manufactured with the top material Dokdo 20. The high-quality fabric guarantees low self-weight at high abrasion resistance. Therefore the outstanding flying features can be sustained over a long time.

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