15. March 2019

Emotion 3 – The Collection 2019

The sportive A-class wing EMOTION 3 with its outstandingly high passive safety starts into the new season 2019 in a stylish new look.

The three color designs offer fresh finishing and modern variability following the U-Turn color principle. Functional aesthetic is the base of all U-Turn products, because they should delight and spark joy. Our timeless statement “safe fun” is coded deep in the DNA of U-Turn and safety is our number one concern. The EMOTION 3 proves the combinability of safety and sportive progress like no other glider. The enormous potential of the A-class wing EMOITION3 was made visible with the impressive 200 km flight among other things. That was the first time that the magical 200 km benchmark was broken with a school glider and proved the XC ability of the wing. In the meantime far over 100.000 trouble-free flights were made with the all-round glider which guarantees the safe fun factor. Countless flying schools trust in the concept and see themselves proven right through the success of their students. The high safety level was also sealed by the DHV – the EMOTION3 is awarded with the currently highest safety-rating 2. The wing offers a unique combination of high safety and sportive performance and promises a safe fun factory even after the schooling time. We are happy to offer you with the following brand new wing colors a colorful choice to express your individuality: