The INFINITY 4 is equipped with 44 cells and a laid out extension of 5,21. With the top materials Dokdo 30 an Dokdo 20 from Dominco Tex light and also durable cloth was used. The nose mylar wasn’t used at all but instead the PPN-System From U-Turn finds usage. The High Pressure Crossport Design (HPCD), is guaranteeing optimized transverse airing of the crossports and through that a balanced inside pressure of the wing, what additionally increases the security. The efficiency of simplification is also proofed by the very manageable line concept with surprisingly few main lines (2a, 3b, 2c) throughwat the whole line length is just 269,921m. The glider has with 16 cm speedway a topspeed from 51 – 52 km/h.

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At the INFINITY 4 the wellbeing-factor is flying with you.
Arrange a test flight and see it for yourself.

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