The Acro Team is a deep-seated tradition at U-Turn

Team spirit is a huge priority by U-Turn from the start. That is why the U-Turn Acro Team is such an important part of the company. The names of the U-Turn Acro-Team-Pilots read like a Who's Who of the international Acro-Scene: Mike Küng, Richard Gallon, Felix Rodriguez, Michi Knippinger, Pál Takáts, Gabor Kezi, Francois Ragolski, Tim Alongi, Eliot Nonchez, Alexanda Grillmeyer, Seiko Fukuokas ... Many of the team pilots have decisively shaped and expedited the Acro development at all times.

But not only the sporting successes and the pushing of the flyable borders are being pursued by the team‘s philosophy – in fact young talents should be lifted and taken into the Acro family. For that U-Turn is creating a media platform and a sensation with breathtaking shows and spectacular campaigns. Here you can find the pilot-profiles of our current team pilots. 

Due to the experiences in the extreme area, the team pilots are also part of the test and development phase. This way we can discover precious knowledge for the product and material development together.

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